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Gumboro Plus

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Each dose contains not less than 102EID50 attenuated Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) virus strain IBD/RTD/2010 and Stabilizers


For active immunization of healthy chicks and chickens against infectious Bursal Disease virus (IBD)

Immunization of Layers

In the layer birds hatched from vaccinated parents the vaccine may be administered by Intra-ocular route or oral drop method. It is recommended that individual chicks are vaccinated when 1st vaccine is administered. A second vaccine should be given 10-14 days later. In high incidence areas 3rd vaccine (Intermediate) is recommended. Second and 3rd vaccines may be given in drinking water.


Dosage and administration

Chill  the provided diluent to 2 to 40C for at least 4 hours before vaccination. Take out the vaccine vial from cold storage just before vaccination and place in ice bath. Remove cap of the diluent bottle and fix the provided hypodermic needle (21G) on the spout. Remove the plastic flip-off seal from the vaccine vial and transfer 1-2 ml diluent into it by inserting the needle and squeezing the bottle. Very gently shake the vaccine vial (avoid vigorous shaking) and use the diluent bottle as a pump to withdraw reconstituted vaccine into the diluent bottle.

For oral administration: Hold the chick firmly in one hand while gently squeezing the beak to force open the mouth. Administer 1 drop into the mouth of the chick.

For intraocular administration: Hold the chick on its side and apply one drop of vaccine in  one of the eyes. Hold the bird tightly until the drop disappears thus not allowing the chick to shake off  the vaccine.

For drinking water administration

Reconstitute the vaccine as described earlier. Pour the reconstituted vaccine into another clean vessel containing approximately 4 liters (or any other convenient volume for distribution into the waterers). Mix well and distribute according to the

Table below which also gives the quantity of skim milk powder to be added for stabilization of vaccine during administration.

Age  of birds

in weeks

Liters of water

Grams of SMP



















Method of vaccination

Discontinue all medication and disinfectant from drinking ware 24 hrs. before and upto 24 hrs.after vaccination . Rinse and flush waterers with clean non-sanitized water. Water starve the flock for at least 2 hrs. Prior to vaccination. Provide adequate space so that at least two thirds of birds can drink at a time.

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