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AGROUP’s fully integrated system

APPE (AFEED) consists of two feed factories in Ha Nam and Vinh Phuc, each with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year.

AVAC is the system for producing and distributing vaccines.  AVAC is an advanced manufacturing facility in Northern Vietnam, and was granted the GMP-WHO certificate by Department of Animal Health.

AFARM is a collection of both pork and poultry farm systems across Vietnam.  AGROUP has worked together with partners from Denmark to construct a system focused on efficiency by using advanced technology.  The aim of building these farms is focused on raising the quality animal breeds in order to meet the community’s needs. 

APHARMA produces over 200 types of Pharmaceutical products, and also offers animal health services in order to ensure animals receive the medicine they need to be strong and healthy, thus raising their productivity.

AFOOD is a supply chain for producing fresh food for humans paying particular attention hygiene and safely at all times in order to ensure a high quality product.

AGRILL is the final link in the Farm to Fork value chain: AGRILL is a system for modern service restaurants with international standards, using fresh meat from AFARM.

Long History of Success

AGROUP began with the establishment of Rural Technology Development (RTD) in 1998 with business activities in the veterinary field.   Since then, RTD has expanded its focus to include animal feed, veterinary product, vaccines, livestock production and agricultural products.

Over the years, RTD (Now AGROUP) has developed into a large company, was ranked in the 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises in 2012.  In 2015, RTD was restructured into AGROUP, which is a fully integrated “Farm to Fork” Animal Agriculture company.






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